the island of the week before: archives

almost essays (9)
In which there are longer bits, some of which might be polished into something else.

blissbooks (32)
In which there is a nest for reviews, notes, passages, and other bits related to books, comic books, graphic novels, and other bookish things.

buffy (4)
"If the apocalypse comes, beep me."

domestic (6)
In which there are recipes, mostly.

dreams (6)
In which there are notes and links about dreaming, lucid and otherwise.

fact collecting (19)
For reference.

go look at... (35)
In which there are shiny things.

journalesque (121)
In which there are responses to current events and reflections on my string of experiences.

movies-tv-music-art (24)
In which there are ruminations and appreciations.

site notes (25)
In which there are updates on the general state of

sociopolitical (68)
Activist + personal + business + international politics. {First as tragedy, then as farce.}

tech (12)
In which there is geeking.

whinging (16)
In which there are complaints about anything less than perfect bliss, culled from the other categories for your protection.